The Best Japanese Beef Varieties

Japan is renowned for its high-quality beef varieties, spanning various types and quality levels. Among the most famous are Kobe, Matsusaka, and Omi/Yonezawa beef. The more regular ones include Kokusan Gyuniku and Kuroge Wagyu. Marbling is a key feature of Japanese beef. Grades going from A5 (the highest) to A1 indicate the level of fat … Read more

Stereotypes about regions in Japan

In Japan, different areas are known for certain ideas people have about them. Saitama Prefecture is one such place that gets a lot of jokes from people in Tokyo. They think Saitama is boring and not very stylish, even calling it “Dasaitama,” which is a mix of “lame” and “Saitama.” People often say Saitama is … Read more

Easy Japanese Dishes You Can Make In The West

Cooking Japanese food might seem quite daunting at first if you live in the West, mostly due to the perceived need for specialized ingredients. However, the reality is quite the opposite. With a few staple items and straightforward recipes, you can prepare delicious Japanese meals right in your own kitchen. Here, we introduce a few … Read more

The Reason Japanese Apples Are So Big

Japan is known for its many unique and high-quality products, including its apples. Japanese apples are typically much larger and sweeter than their Western counterparts. In fact, the most commonly available apple varieties in Japan, such as Fuji and Tsugaru, can weigh over 300 grams, which is up to twice the size of apples in … Read more

7 Shows & Movies That Let You Dive into Japanese Culture

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Japanese culture without hopping on a plane, movies and shows are your next best bet. Japan is not just about sushi and sumo ringers. It’s a land where the hustle of neon-lit Tokyo intersects with tranquil tea ceremonies. Japanese cinema lets us experience all these facets without ever leaving … Read more

Comparing Sugar Consumption in South Korea and Japan

Although Japan and South Korea share many similarities culture-wise, they sometimes have very different tastes when it comes to food. In 2022, South Koreans managed an average intake of 30.5kg of sugar per person – only slight less than in the United States, where people consumed 30.8kg of sugar on average. In contrast, Japan’s consumption … Read more

7/11 in Japan Not What It Used to Be?

Ah, the iconic conbini of Japan. If you’ve ever been to Japan or heard tales from friends who’ve been, you’ll know that their 7/11 stores aren’t the usual corner spots you find elsewhere. With Japan having more 7-Eleven locations than any other place on earth, these stores are pretty much a staple. Imagine, out of … Read more

Rising Numbers of Foreign Workers in Japanese Countryside

In recent years, the dynamics of Japan’s labor force have been significantly altered by the influx of foreign workers, as the nation grapples with a shrinking native population and an aging workforce. By the end of 2022, Japan witnessed a record number of foreign residents, which for the first time exceeded 3 million, as per … Read more

Overtourism in Japan Is A Delicate Balance Between Attraction and Preservation

Nestled between towering skyscrapers and ancient temples, Japanese towns and cities offer a harmonious blend of the past and the present. This unique juxtaposition, punctuated by a rich cultural tapestry, has increasingly made the Land of the Rising Sun a favored destination for tourists and potential expats. But as with all good things, too much … Read more

Does Uniqlo’s Heattech Actually Work?

The winter season often has us rummaging through our wardrobes in search of warm clothes. This is where Heattech comes in, Uniqlo’s cutting-edge insulating garment technology, designed to offer warmth without bulk. But does it stand up against traditional thermal wear? Let’s find out. According to Uniqlo, Heattech is made using “high-quality polyester blends, acrylic, … Read more