Stereotypes about regions in Japan

In Japan, different areas are known for certain ideas people have about them. Saitama Prefecture is one such place that gets a lot of jokes from people in Tokyo. They think Saitama is boring and not very stylish, even calling it “Dasaitama,” which is a mix of “lame” and “Saitama.” People often say Saitama is like stepping back into the 1990s, with some people dressing in old-fashioned styles and not being very good at driving. Saitama is sometimes called the New Jersey of Tokyo because it’s seen as less interesting than other areas nearby like Chiba and Kanagawa.

In the past, Saitama had problems with air pollution because it used to take a lot of Tokyo’s trash for burning. This made the air bad and people didn’t want to buy vegetables from there. Things are better now, but the old image still sticks.

Other places in Japan have their stereotypes too. In the Aizu region, people are thought to be cold at first. There’s a saying about crying three times in Aizu – first because it seems cold, then because you find out people are actually nice, and lastly when you have to leave.

Osaka is known for being loud and lively. People there are thought to be very direct and like to joke around, even on trains. Kyoto, on the other hand, is seen as a place with very polite but proud people. They care a lot about looking good and can seem a bit distant.

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