The reason you always get calls from Thai delivery drivers

Many people order food or products online to avoid the inconvenience of speaking to someone in person. This is particularly true for those of us who do not speak much or any Thai. However, delivery drivers for major platforms like Grab, Foodpanda, and Lazada make a habit of calling customers ahead before delivering an order. This happens even when provided with clear drop-off instructions, like “leave items at the lobby”. Drivers will frequently ask for clarification on the exact unit number or directions through a large apartment complex. They do this despite already having the full delivery address in their system.

There are a few reasons behind this pattern of phone calls. First off, drivers are actually required by their employers to make these calls for record-keeping purposes. Additionally, drivers want to verify that the customer is actually home. This helps avoid wasted trips and having to return items. They also use these calls to double check the accuracy of the delivery location. You might think that’s totally unnecessary when they already have the exact location. However, drivers initially pay for customer orders themselves when picking up the food. This means they would be stuck covering costs if they delivered to an incorrect address. Moreover, delivery platforms often side with upset customers in disputes. So, drivers take these extra precautions to protect themselves. Language barriers can also be a factor, as restaurant staff filling orders may not speak English to clarify details.

To deal with these calls, you can take several approaches:

  1. Message clear directions after order placement. Avoid answering calls and instead provide updated instructions if issues arise
  2. Consider using Lineman, as they have excellent service
  3. A creative way is to create a business on Google maps with your exact location
  4. If you pre-pay for your orders, you likely won’t get calls
  5. Learn Thai!

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