Why does 7-11 often only have a single steamed bun for sale?

In Thai 7-11 stores, it’s common to see only one single steamed bun available for sale. This isn’t by accident but a careful choice to cut down on waste. Steamed buns don’t last long – only about three hours – so the stores aim to sell what they have without throwing much away. In the past, these stores had many sausages ready to go, but now they keep them in the fridge and cook them only when someone asks. This change is also to help reduce waste.

Cleaning the area where the buns are kept is a big task, too. When there are many buns, it gets even harder. To avoid this, 7-11 keeps only a few buns on hand. They prefer to warm them up when it’s not too busy in the store. This way, the display area for the buns is more about looking good than storing a lot of them.

Moreover, everything this company does has a good reason. By showing just one bun, they manage to keep orders small. Large orders take a lot of time and don’t make much profit for the store. So, they focus on items that make more money for the effort put in.

Something that is also important to consider is timing. Early in the morning, from about 6:00 to 7:00 am, 7-11 becomes a busy place. Many people, like taxi drivers and workers, stop by to grab a bun or something else for breakfast. This is something most foreigners, whether tourists or expats, often don’t get to see.

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