Cambodians Top List of Beer Drinkers in Asia

Cambodia leads in beer drinking in Asia, with each person drinking about 72 liters every year. This habit costs Cambodians $2.3 billion annually. According to a recent study, this means each Cambodian spends roughly $136 on beer, considering a can’s price at 2,500 riel. Beer is a big part of Cambodian culture, rooted in tradition … Read more

How To Freeze Cooked Rice

Freezing cooked rice is a practical and safe way to store rice for future use. Below are a few simple intructions to freeze cooked rice. First, allow the rice to cool down completely. This is important to prevent bacterial growth and to ensure the rice freezes evenly. Once cooled, divide the rice into smaller portions. … Read more

What The Heck Is Egg Tofu?

Egg tofu is a particular type of tofu available across Asia. It is called 玉子豆腐/tamago tofu in Japanese. The two main ingredients in the egg tofu products you can buy at stores are usually soybeans and eggs. However, some versions use only eggs, leaving out the soybeans. The package is always tube-shaped, making it easy … Read more