When That Korean Towel Is Too Small For You

Many visitors to Korea are surprised by the size of the towels commonly used in the country. This is particularly the case for those provided in hotels for drying off after a shower or bath. Such towels are often much smaller – even tiny – than what foreigners might be accustomed to. However, there are some valid reasons why they are that way.

One important factor in the preference for smaller towels is the laundry load they generate. Given that towels are frequently used once before washing, larger towels would significantly increase the volume of laundry. This, in turn, would lead to more work.

Moreovoer, in the past, the absence of widespread dryer use meant that all laundry, including towels, had to be air-dried. The larger the towel, the more space and time it would require to dry. Thus, smaller towels were more practical to dry. Additionally, the humid climate in Korea can contribute to quicker wear and tear on towels due to mildew and odor accumulation. This often means towels have to be replaced within a year or two.

Smaller towels are also more convenient in terms of storage, especially in compact living spaces more common in Korea. Furthermore, considering body size differences, smaller towels are often adequate for the generally smaller stature of Asians, making large towels unnecessary. Lastly, when it comes to the act of drying oneself, smaller towels may actually be more practical in daily use.

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