Why Thais Love Their Pizza Order With Ketchup Packets

In Thailand, when people order pizza, they often get many small packets of ketchup with it. This might seem strange to foreigners because it’s not how pizza is usually eaten in the west. Big pizza places like The Pizza Company, Domino’s and Pizza Hut started this trend years ago when they first entered the market. They give out lots of ketchup packets with their pizzas – sometimes 10 or more.

The reason this started is because the first big pizza brand in Thailand, Pizza Hut, used to put ketchup and chili sauce on the tables for everyone. So, people in Thailand began to think that’s how you’re supposed to eat pizza. Also, some people in Thailand find pizza and other western food a bit plain and like to add ketchup to make it taste better. Moreover, the pizzas from these places usually have a high proportion of bread crust, so the ketchup helps make it less dry.

Expats in Thailand often end up with many ketchup packets they don’t use. They keep them and sometimes even give them away. It’s become a bit of a joke that they are surprised when an order for a smoothie doesn’t come with the little packets.

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