Best Beaches Near Bangkok

For those seeking a beach vacation near Bangkok, there are several options. They range from quiet, clean beaches to more vibrant places with many amenities. Each beach will offer a different experience, based on its distance from Bangkok, the crowd it attracts, and the attractions nearby.

  1. Hua Hin, known for its quiet spots, is an acceptable driving distance from Bangkok. The beaches here are decent, with affordable prices, making it a favored choice for a relaxing getaway. The town has an amazing night market known for its delicious food. For a tranquil stay, ISanook is recommended, with its great pool and proximity to the beach, temples, and local wildlife. Another nice accommodation is Ace of Hua Hin.
  2. Bang Saen, situated halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya, offers a closer and more budget-friendly alternative to Hua Hin. It may not have the prettiest beaches, and the water clarity could be better. But it makes up for those short-comings with its awesome local vibe. Bang Saen is very popularity among Bangkok residents on weekends. Its appeal lies in its local charm rather than pristine beachfronts.
  3. Pattaya, while convenient during weekdays, presents a mixed bag. The area north of the beach road and walking street offers a more pleasant stay away from the central hustle. The city is not necessarily noted for the quality of its beaches, but rather for its proximity to Bangkok and its special kind of nightlife. The Sanctuary of Truth Museum stands out as a cultural highlight.
  4. Koh Samet, about two hours from Bangkok, is a less crowded alternative to Pattaya, offering some of the best Pad See Yew and beautiful beaches. Though it takes a bit longer to reach, the island’s charm and less crowded beaches make it a worthwhile venture for those with more time.
  5. Koh Larn offers a stark contrast to Pattaya, despite its proximity. Accessible via a short boat ride, this island is known for its natural beaches and rural charm. Transportation on the island consists of primarily scooters or mini-trucks. This offers a laid-back atmosphere.
  6. Sriracha presents a cozy Thai town experience by the water. It is renowned for its excellent food at local prices and friendly ambiance. With few foreigners, visitors can enjoy a peaceful, authentic Thai experience. Novotel is a recommended stay.
  7. Cha-am is another accessible beach destination. It has several umbrella-lined beaches with some open areas. Cha-am can easily reached by car and offers a blend of convenience and beach relaxation.

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