Cambodians Top List of Beer Drinkers in Asia

Cambodia leads in beer drinking in Asia, with each person drinking about 72 liters every year. This habit costs Cambodians $2.3 billion annually. According to a recent study, this means each Cambodian spends roughly $136 on beer, considering a can’s price at 2,500 riel. Beer is a big part of Cambodian culture, rooted in tradition and widely advertised. It’s often the first item sold out in stores. After work, two cans of beer is a common practice for Cambodian males in particular.

Compared to other countries in the region, Cambodia’s beer consumption is the highest. According to data provided by Kirin Group, South Korea and Vietnam follow, with 44.3 and 42.7 liters per person, respectively. Countries like Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Myanmar have much lower rates, showing Cambodia’s unique place in beer consumption in Asia.

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