7/11 in Japan Not What It Used to Be?

Ah, the iconic conbini of Japan. If you’ve ever been to Japan or heard tales from friends who’ve been, you’ll know that their 7/11 stores aren’t the usual corner spots you find elsewhere. With Japan having more 7-Eleven locations than any other place on earth, these stores are pretty much a staple. Imagine, out of 71,000 stores worldwide, a whopping 21,215 are spread across Japan, with Tokyo alone hosting a 2,824 of them!

But here’s the deal, these 7/11 stores in Japan are like mini supermarkets. If you need a quick bite, they got you covered. Craving a midnight dessert? No worries. And if you happen to run low on cash, just hit their ATMs. From coffee to restrooms, Wi-Fi, bill payments, and even ticket reservations – they’re truly one-stop shops for everyday necessities.

Lately though, some people have been complaining about the dipping food quality at 7/11. With rivals like Lawson and FamilyMart upping their food game, it feels like 7/11 might be losing its gourmet touch. It might all be due to shrinkflation. That’s the sneaky thing where stuff gets tinier, made with subpar ingredients, and still manages to burn a bigger hole in your wallet. Yep, that’s been happening.

And if you’ve tried grabbing a sandwich from 7/11 recently, some customers have been saying the bread’s gone all weird. A foamy sponge thing with no flavor, i.e. not the kind of sandwich most are craving. Plus, if you’re the adventurous type who loves trying out different foods, you might’ve noticed the variety isn’t what it used to be.

So, is 7/11 in Japan losing its sparkle? While they still offer loads beyond food, maybe it’s time they revisited their kitchen and brought back the magic we all loved.

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