Why So Many Thai Girls Wear Braces

In many parts of the world, braces are primarily worn for dental correction. However, in Thailand, there’s a mix of factors that make dental braces more widespread than in other countries.

The phenomenon has multiple reasons. As dental care becomes increasingly accessible to Thai citizens, thanks to government initiatives, many are now able to consider braces for the first time. These measures have made it feasible for individuals to seek dental treatment at government hospitals without breaking the bank.

Moreover, the average Thai citizen grows up without the means to pay for braces. However, once they enter the workforce and earn money on their own, they suddenly become affordable. That’s one reason more adult Thais wear braces compared to people in the West. But Thais who can afford it are increasingly opting for the more subtle Invisalign these days. This leaves traditional braces to those who cannot stretch their budget that far.

Genetics also plays a role. A significant portion of the Thai population may be genetically predisposed to dental issues such as tooth crowding, thereby increasing the need for braces.

Apart from the purely practical reasons above, many Thais, especially young girls, see them as cute and cool. Often, they will wear fake braces that are cheaper than real ones. This is in stark contrast to other countries, where braces are worn out of necessity and aren’t considered desirable.

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