About Korean Webtoons

Korean webtoons (Korean: 웹툰), digital comics that originated from South Korea, have surged in popularity. The term “webtoon” merges “web” and “cartoon,” highlighting their digital essence. These stories, designed for easy consumption on smartphones, have revolutionized the comic industry in Korea, with some even securing Netflix adaptations. As global print manga sales shrink, the webtoon … Read more

Russians In Phuket – A Phenomenon Explained

Phuket, the beautiful Thai island known for its pristine beaches, has become a magnet for tourists from around the world. Among the millions of visitors each year, a significant number are Russians. One of the reasons for the influx of Russians in Phuket can be attributed to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Many young Russians … Read more

How To Freeze Cooked Rice

Freezing cooked rice is a practical and safe way to store rice for future use. Below are a few simple intructions to freeze cooked rice. First, allow the rice to cool down completely. This is important to prevent bacterial growth and to ensure the rice freezes evenly. Once cooled, divide the rice into smaller portions. … Read more

Finding Fresh Milk & Yogurt in Manila

It can be a challenge to find affordable and high-quality dairy products in Manila. Unlike neighboring countries like Indonesia and Vietnam that produce a good portion of their dairy goods domestically, the Philippines imports a whopping 99% of all dairy products consumed. This reliance on imports makes fresh milk, cheese, and yogurt more expensive and … Read more

The Reason Japanese Apples Are So Big

Japan is known for its many unique and high-quality products, including its apples. Japanese apples are typically much larger and sweeter than their Western counterparts. In fact, the most commonly available apple varieties in Japan, such as Fuji and Tsugaru, can weigh over 300 grams, which is up to twice the size of apples in … Read more

Thai Suki: MK Restaurants vs Suki Teenoi

Thai sukiyaki, commonly known as Thai suki, is a delightful variant of the traditional hot pot. In this communal dining experience, participants cook a variety of ingredients like meat, seafood, glass noodles, dumplings, and vegetables in a simmering pot of broth right at the table. The cooked items are then dipped in a hot sukiyaki … Read more

Why So Many Thai Girls Wear Braces

In many parts of the world, braces are primarily worn for dental correction. However, in Thailand, there’s a mix of factors that make dental braces more widespread than in other countries. The phenomenon has multiple reasons. As dental care becomes increasingly accessible to Thai citizens, thanks to government initiatives, many are now able to consider … Read more

What The Heck Is Egg Tofu?

Egg tofu is a particular type of tofu available across Asia. It is called 玉子豆腐/tamago tofu in Japanese. The two main ingredients in the egg tofu products you can buy at stores are usually soybeans and eggs. However, some versions use only eggs, leaving out the soybeans. The package is always tube-shaped, making it easy … Read more

Tipping Security Guards – Yes or No?

In Thailand, the cultural norms surrounding tipping are different from the West – in particularly the United States. Here, tipping isn’t customary, and you’d rarely find a Thai driver or waiter expecting a tip. Most tips, if given, hover around a couple of dollars at most. So, when it comes to tipping security guards, should … Read more