Finding Fresh Milk & Yogurt in Manila

It can be a challenge to find affordable and high-quality dairy products in Manila. Unlike neighboring countries like Indonesia and Vietnam that produce a good portion of their dairy goods domestically, the Philippines imports a whopping 99% of all dairy products consumed. This reliance on imports makes fresh milk, cheese, and yogurt more expensive and harder to find for many Manila residents.

Though dairy consumption in the Philippines averages just 27kg per person annually, there are ways to get your hands on fresher, healthier dairy even in the big city. One option is to buy buffalo milk (aka carabao milk), which has higher amounts of protein, fat, and nutrients compared to regular cow’s milk. Talavera, Nueva Ecija is known as the “Milk Capital of the Philippines” for its high-quality carabao milk. For Manila residents, the farm Pinkie’s in Lipa, Batangas sells their fresh carabao milk and other dairy products online or through delivery apps like Grab and Food Panda.

For your coffee, MilkLab from Australia is used by many local coffee shops and sold in stores like Pure Gold. Though pricier than some brands, MilkLab offers a fresher and more natural taste. You can also find a variety of nut-based milks on Lazada and Shopee.

When it comes to yogurt, your best bet is making your own at home by buying yogurt cultures online and letting them ferment milk. This allows you to control the ingredients and sweetness. For store-bought yogurt, Pure Gold has a good selection of fruit-flavored, plain, and Greek yogurt. And SM Supermarkets carry non-pasteurized Nestle yogurt at their outlets.

Though Manila lacks wide availability of locally-produced dairy, by knowing where to look and occasionally making it yourself, you can still enjoy high-quality and fresh milk, yogurt, and other dairy products.

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