The Best Japanese Beef Varieties

Japan is renowned for its high-quality beef varieties, spanning various types and quality levels. Among the most famous are Kobe, Matsusaka, and Omi/Yonezawa beef. The more regular ones include Kokusan Gyuniku and Kuroge Wagyu. Marbling is a key feature of Japanese beef. Grades going from A5 (the highest) to A1 indicate the level of fat … Read more

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

For those seeking a beach vacation near Bangkok, there are several options. They range from quiet, clean beaches to more vibrant places with many amenities. Each beach will offer a different experience, based on its distance from Bangkok, the crowd it attracts, and the attractions nearby.

When That Korean Towel Is Too Small For You

Many visitors to Korea are surprised by the size of the towels commonly used in the country. This is particularly the case for those provided in hotels for drying off after a shower or bath. Such towels are often much smaller – even tiny – than what foreigners might be accustomed to. However, there are … Read more

Why Thais Love Their Pizza Order With Ketchup Packets

In Thailand, when people order pizza, they often get many small packets of ketchup with it. This might seem strange to foreigners because it’s not how pizza is usually eaten in the west. Big pizza places like The Pizza Company, Domino’s and Pizza Hut started this trend years ago when they first entered the market. … Read more

Stereotypes about regions in Japan

In Japan, different areas are known for certain ideas people have about them. Saitama Prefecture is one such place that gets a lot of jokes from people in Tokyo. They think Saitama is boring and not very stylish, even calling it “Dasaitama,” which is a mix of “lame” and “Saitama.” People often say Saitama is … Read more

Koreans Just Won’t Drink Tap Water

The vast majority of Koreans have access to potable water, with well over 90% coverage. Yet a majority are still not in the habit of drinking straight from the tap. Instead, they either only consume boiled water, use water filters, or drink bottled water. According to an article in the Korea Herald, a 2013 government … Read more

Cambodians Top List of Beer Drinkers in Asia

Cambodia leads in beer drinking in Asia, with each person drinking about 72 liters every year. This habit costs Cambodians $2.3 billion annually. According to a recent study, this means each Cambodian spends roughly $136 on beer, considering a can’s price at 2,500 riel. Beer is a big part of Cambodian culture, rooted in tradition … Read more

Easy Japanese Dishes You Can Make In The West

Cooking Japanese food might seem quite daunting at first if you live in the West, mostly due to the perceived need for specialized ingredients. However, the reality is quite the opposite. With a few staple items and straightforward recipes, you can prepare delicious Japanese meals right in your own kitchen. Here, we introduce a few … Read more